Friday, February 3

Senior Partner/Mentor

Solo will help people lead more successful and satisfying financial lives.

It fulfills your mission to prepare students for the financial pitfalls they may face in life. And the program makes that job completely turnkey for you:

  • Students register themselves.
  • Students can work from any online computer.
  • A mentor can monitor one or all students from any online computer.
  • Students can be assigned one topic or up to 16 topics.
  • Tests at the end of each topic/module are self-grading.
  • Solo can be used in a classroom environment or assigned to individual students (for instance as homework).

And there are many more features. At the same time, your students are becoming savvy consumers when it comes to their money and welfare.

We hope you and your students will enjoy and benefit from our unbiased and advertisement-free financial literacy curriculum that is endorsed by both the Consumer Federation of America and the National Association of Consumer Advocates.

Note: Please let us know how you enjoy the program! Any feedback will help us make the program stronger and more worthwhile for our users, teacher or student.